J. B. Crawford

DevOps consultant. Writer. Internet weirdo.

I'm a DevOps consultant, but I'm perhaps best known as the author of Computers Are Bad. I write on the history of computers and telecommunications, especially in the Cold War time period. I work as a senior professional services engineer at GitLab, and in addition to DevSecOps I have particular technical interests in information security and computer networking. When time allows, I explore the nation and especially the Southwest by road.

I come from Portland, Oregon but have lived in New Mexico for over a decade. I hold a BS in Information Technology (New Mexico Tech) and an MS in Information Security (Iowa State University). I'm also a private pilot. I'm an enthusiast in telephone and network technology in general, especially digital systems from the '80s to the present. I use they/them pronouns.

Recently, I am focusing my free time on building the waffle.tech community.