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-====== Warrant Canary ====== 
-This is a warrant canary. It is a way to keep you informed of your 
-privacy. Certain United States laws allow the government to compel me to 
-release your private information without informing you of this. This document 
-asserts that this has not happened up to the below issue date. It is digitally signed by myself 
-and contains dated information proving that it was not prepared in advance and postdated. 
-You can check for this canary yourself and validate the signature against my known public key. A new canary should be posted roughly twice per month, as indicated by the '​due'​ date below. ​ 
-Generally a new canary should always be posted a few days before the '​due'​ date. From time to time, I am late signing and posting the new canary because of life circumstances,​ particularly because I carefully control access to my private keys. However, it should not be out of date for long unless there is a well-known reason that I am not easily able to update it. 
-Hash: SHA256 
-I certify that, as of the date below, no warrants have ever been 
-served mandating the release of any information from the listed 
-services or systems, and no search or seizure of any kind has 
-been performed on any of the listed services or systems, 
-excepting those of which I have informed the public. 
-DATE ISSUED: ​       2017-05-30 
-NEXT CANARY DUE:    2018-07-01 
-COVERED SERVICES: ​  ​delta.jbcrawford.us ​  (IRC server) 
-                    znc.jbcrawford.us ​    (IRC bouncer) 
-                    jbcrawford.us ​        (web server) 
-                    VoIP services 
-                    private file server 
-                    nine network 
-The following recent information is included to prove that this 
-statement was not postdated: 
-  BBC.com Headlines, 2018-05-30 
-    Key North Korean official meets Pompeo 
-    US preacher asks followers to help buy fourth private jet 
-    How two traffic fines led a boy to his death 
-  Selected MLB games, 2018-05-29: 
-    CHW 3 CLE 7; HOU 5 NYY 6; CHC 8 PIT 6 
-Version: GnuPG v2