Environmental Remediation in New Mexico

This set of pages is intended to serve as a research source for environmental remediation sites in New Mexico. While government environmental remediation programs like the EPA's tend to result in voluminous documentation, the EPA and other agencies make it remarkably hard to find these materials. There are a good half dozen EPA web services that can tell you the name and a brief summary of an NPL site, for example, but unless the site is very new none of them will have any documents available… the documents usually have been made available online, it's just a matter of finding them. I've tried to consolidate sources here, by site (or category for minor sites).

  • Projects involving an EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) should have a fairly useful profile, usually including documentation, available at https://response.epa.gov/site/region_list.aspx. Usually this includes CERCLA emergency responses and occasionally also petroleum spills (under OPA) and national security actions. Be sure to switch the rightmost filter to “Archived” to see older sites.
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