DEFCON 2018 Plans

Currently, I think the room will be: myself, warsh, wopr, ben

A hotel room in the Linq with 2x queen beds is reserved Wed. Aug 7th (check-in) to Sun. Aug. 12 (check-out). The room, after tax and fees, will be a total of about $460; split four ways, the room will cost about $115 each person.

Currently, I think the drive will be: myself, wopr, warsh, and haekuh

The cost of gas and car parking will be split between whoever drives with me. The total cost will be something like $150, so the cost will be about $40 each if split two ways.

I will calculate final costs and let people know what they owe me after the conference. You can pay me by the following methods, roughly in order of preference:

  • ClearXChange or similar bank person-to-person transfer to
  • Mail a check to 1208 San Pedro Dr NE PMB 107, Albuquerque NM 87110
  • Ask a credit union with Shared Branching to deposit to my account at Nusenda Federal Credit Union, ask me for my member number.
  • PayPal to
  • Venmo to jcrawfordor
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