Northeast of Harmon and Koval

Just behind Planet Hollywood and the Paris, past the parking lots, is a large undeveloped lot measuring about 16 acres. Just north of it is a temporary-looking structure apparently used as a warehouse by Caesars Resorts.

This entire area is reportedly owned by Caesars. Tax records show the land as owned by a “Vegas Development LLC,” which may be consistent with that reporting since Caesars clearly uses multiple shell LLCs to own their property (as is common in commercial real estate). By comparison, the temporary structure to the north and parking lots to the west are owned by Parball Newco LLC, which is definitely a subsidiary of Caesars. However, an SEC filing by Caesars does not list Vegas Development LLC as a subsidiary. It's possible the filing predates this arrangement. So, truly, I'm not certain whether or not Caesars is the ultimate owner of the land.

Caesars Entertainment has been steadily constructing an empire around the intersection of Harmon and Las Vegas, so it's unsurprising that they would have picked up this land, which offers clear expansion opportunities for Planet Hollywood and the Paris, or at least for infrastructure supporting the Caesars empire.

The northern portion of this property, address 4155 Koval Ln, was formerly the Days Inn Town Hall Casino. It's not clear what time period this was open, but it was demolished between 2004 and 2006 (GE imagery), a conspicuous match to the demolition of the Northeast of Harmon and Koval housing development. I have never seen any mention of any of those projects including this land, however.

The southern portion of this empty lot is currently used for storage of some semi trailers, and that activity has apparently decreased over time, as e.g. 2004 imagery shows over a hundred parked semi trailers. Parked trailers reached a seeming peak in around 2010 and dropped precipitously in 2012, perhaps indicating a change in ownership. Most recently, the entire area appears to be in use as a laydown yard for some construction project. The former hotel foundation has visible trees growing through it, and gravel piled to the north.

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