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 I have made a {{ :​history:​milradio:​gwen-dgps-sites.kmz | KMZ file }} of all of the sites located by this method. I have made a {{ :​history:​milradio:​gwen-dgps-sites.kmz | KMZ file }} of all of the sites located by this method.
 +===== Tangent: NDGPS =====
 +The process of the Coast Guard and Department of Transportation taking over GWEN sites as part of creating national inland coverage for the Differential GPS system is itself interesting. The DGPS correction signal was transmitted between 285 and 325 kHz, close enough to GWEN's operating frequency that the LF transmit antenna could be reused. To reduce the cost of national DGPS rollout, the Department of Transportation (which sponsored the effort) and the US Coast Guard (which was responsible for maintenance of the DGPS system) slowly collected the original equipment shelters from every GWEN site, refurbished them at a central Coast Guard shop, and then shipped them out for use at GWEN sites or newly built NDGPS stations. As a result, all former GWEN sites have original GWEN equipment huts, although they may not be original to that specific site! GWEN sites that were not selected as NDGPS sites will be missing their equipment huts, but you're unlikely to see that as documents suggest that the Air Force demolished all of them.
 ===== Health impacts and conspiracies ===== ===== Health impacts and conspiracies =====