New Mexico Repeaters

This is an (incomplete) list of repeaters in the areas of New Mexico that I frequent. It is mostly the basis for programming my radios, but I've had a hard time finding a list I like out on the internet so I figured I'd share.

Most of the state is covered by the New Mexico Mega-Link.

Label Description Frequency Offset PL More info
MLABQ7 NM Megalink ABQ 145.290 - 100 Statewide linked system. Web
CVABQ2 Caravan Club ABQ 145.330 - 100 Linked with CVABQ7. Web
CVABQ7 Caravan ABQ 444.000 + 100 Linked with CVABQ2. Easy freq to remember! Web
URABQ2 Upper Rio FM 146.90 - 67 Web
URABQ7 Upper Rio FM 449.55 - 71.9 Web
K5ABQ2 K5LXP/R 147.320 - 100 Small operation but well run. Web, commands
K5ABQ7 K5LXP/R 448.650 - None Note user-controlled linking. Web, commands
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