The Crawford / Jencka Wedding

The wedding of Louis Jencka and Jesse Crawford will be held on Saturday, March 31st at 11:00am. A short ceremony, followed by a lunch reception, will be held at the Elena Gallegos Open Space in the Sandia foothills of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This will be a small and informal event, and we are also hoping to spend time with everyone through the weekend.

Please RSVP via email to

Traveling to Albuquerque

If you are joining us from Portland, you may want to know that Southwest has unfortunately discontinued its direct flights between PDX and ABQ. However, Alaska Airlines has stepped in to fill the gap and has a direct each way once per day. Southwest has many options from the west coast through Phoenix or Las Vegas.

Rental cars are available at the airport, and we can probably also arrange rides. We recommend staying on the east side, such as at the Homewood Suites Uptown, the Days Inn East, or otherwise in east central Albuquerque.

Reaching the Ceremony

The ceremony will be at the Elena Gallegos Open Space. To reach it:

  1. From Interstate 40, take exit 167 for Tramway Blvd. Turn to go north.
  2. After 6 miles, turn right on Simms Park. This is a small street and one of few intersections on Tramway without a stoplight.
  3. Follow Simms Park straight through to the park entrance. Let the ranger know you are there for the wedding.
  4. Take a right from the park entrance and continue around the loop until you see a sign for the Double Shelter Area on the left. You might also park at the Pino Trailhead which is a very short walk away.


Don't worry about dressing up, we sure won't. It will likely still be a bit cold at the end of March, though, so bring layers.

Things to do

If you haven't been to Albuquerque before, there are a few things you might make a point of seeing while here:

We are also hoping to arrange a driving trip to the Very Large Array and our alma mater's Mineral Museum.

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